The Business of Celebrities Using Cheap Media Marketing to Drive Sales in the Industry

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You see, everything in the marketing and without sales, there is no reason to do business, create products or render services. Marketing is needed to achieve good sales and even the in the movie industry, there are several ways to get around marketing beyond trailers and movie premiers.

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The movie industry is a home of drama, in fact being a celebrity means being opened to drama. Do you think every celebrity insult, body shaming, hate speech, media posture criticism, and many more heat against celebrities are real? Well, i will explain a few reasons why you shouldn't worry much about a celebrity when someone or a group of people say somethings about them because most times it is just a simple marketing strategy.

It is no doubt that there are times were celebrities face the heat of being a celebrity and people genuinely insult them and call them out for a few actions but in most cases, it is simply marketing.

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Have you noticed that after the trailer of a movie, there are always people who will give remarks about the movie even before it is viewed live? Let me quickly explain. A trailer comes out, a director, actor, media influencer or anybody says something a little negative about the movie they haven't even watched, reporters are paid to write about it and create a vibe to watch the movie to proof what the person said is false or might be true, post the article on twitter or any other social media. Thi news attracts bloggers who want to make money by sharing everything about the lives of celebrities and they start to repost and spread the story about the movie one after the other. This then becomes earned media as there is no need to pay for the marketing as people will be willing to watch it.

Another one is in the music industry where artist create controversies between one another so the blogs can give them free publicity and PR after which they release new hits which will make people want to listen to their musics.

It is all business, it is all marketing, it is all a way to make sales. You are all just helping to improve sales video and buying this celebrities fame.