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The top is available for everybody but only few ever find their way to the top; to get to the top it entails alot of sacrifice that many are not ready to pay but some are even willing to pay the sacrifice to get to the top but the attitude to get them there is not there, infact some get to the top but crash in just a few days because of the attitude issues. So the question is simple, easy and straight forward. If you want to get to the top and maintain the top as a CEO what are the good attitude that you must develop and maintain.

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Good Communication

The words of CEO of any organization is more powerful than the words of any staff, infact the higher your position in an organization, the higher the authority that your words carry, that is why any CEO that want to remain at the top must develop a good communication skills. Good communication to the staff and customers because you will need people, I mean genuine and supportive people to move to the top and you will also need them to remain at the top. You words can bring the best out of your staff and customers and your words can also bring the worst out of them.


You see if you do not have someone or any system that you are accountable to as a person, it will be difficult to move to the top. At the level of CEO, it will do you good to be accountable because it will help to keep you in check. Many people will find it difficult to tell you the truth especially your staff, that is why it is very important to look for someone you can be accountable to.


Every great CEO must be ready to serve the organization and the people. You must maintain an attitude of stepping out every morning seeking for the good of your organization, staff, customers and your environment. This will really help you to remain at the top.

These are three out of the many good attitudes that any good CEO must possess. Attitude like be teachable, good in encouraging are also part of the attitude that anyone aspiring to be a good CEO must possess.

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