Disciplining the Way You Spend

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One big gap between successful people and failure in life is the way they spend their resources. Life in itself will present to us alot of opportunities that come with difference form of resources but how we disciplining ourself when it come to spending will definitely define who we are.

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Discipline can be define as the art of training either yourself or somebody to obey the lay down rules and regulations, code of conduct or behavior.

When you discipline yourself we called it Self-discipline and it is important for us to note that discipline is not always sweet and humanly speaking our body do not like to be discipline but will must subject our self to this high level of discipline if we want to move forward in life.

One of the aspect you can discipline yourself is the area of finance and your spending habits. How?

First you need to carefully look out and studies the spending habits of the poor and failure in life; you know they say that experience is the best teacher but I will say experience is the best teacher for the ignorance but I believe that the wise learn from wisdom. Also learn and understand the spending habits of the successful then begin to disciple yourself and others around your to cultivate the same spending habits of the successful people. It just a matter of time, you will also attain the same level of success.

The more you discipline yourself the more your body come to the agreement of the teams that this is the real life and reality that the body need to follow.

Let me roundup with this that you need to control your destiny with wisdom and one wisdom is the way you spend your resources. Discipline yourself today so that tomorrow you can appreciate and celebrate the way you live your life.

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"First you need to carefully look out and studies the spending habits of the poor and failure in life;"This is a very generalized and discriminatory opinion, since you point out that those who have fewer resources have bad habits and this is false, since those who do not have resources do not spend. I understand that you are trying to explain good habits to save money but I think your example is not correct.

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