Power of Association in Business

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There is a saying that if a poor man or woman walk with ten millioners for simetimes, he or she will soon because the eleventh millioner and if a rich man company with the poor is just a matter of time before he start exhibiting some poverty mindset and behavior. This saying show the power that is residence in association. You want to go far in life or business if you are not careful about your association, then you need to watch closely your association. The question you must ask yourself is who are you associating with or who is associating with you.


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Success is attractive whether you like it or not, if you are successful people will draw close to you and they will want to be close to you for difference reason; some for good intentions while some for their selfish intentions and the worst of it is that some will draw near to you for an evil intentions.

So it is very important to watch your association as a business person if you want to attain success you desire or remain in the place of success.

When you associated with the right people in your business, great and powerful ideas that can lift you and your business up will definitely come your way. Not only that you also create a good networking that can lift your business up and open you up for more and better opportunities.

Who are the people to associate yourself with

People that believe in your vision.

People that have the same mindset like you do.

People of Integrity and courageous.

People with good characters.

Associate yourself with positive people.

When you get it right in the place of your association, your journey to the top will be at a very fast rate.

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