Relationship between Employee and Customers

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One of the important issue every employer must careful look into and consider is the relationship between the employee (staff) and the customers. This kind of relationship can either lead to the growth of the business or lead to the fall of the business depending on how this aspect of the organization is manage.

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In a situation where the employee mismanage this relationship, the organization will suffer for it. For instance an employee usually talk in a hash way to customers or an employee operate with a preference treatment to some customers. In any of this case the employer or CEO must look into how to prevent this kind of actions from taken place.

Let me talk about the way staff address customers; one of the greatest asset of any organization are their customers. If they are not there then the organization seize to exist, that is why it is always in the codes of conduct of every organization that they(employee) should treat the customers with respect and honor, infact it shows in the moto of many companies.

Coming to preference treatment; this kind of treatment is very difficult to completely eradicate from your organization but you can reduce it to the minimum level. If preference treat is high in your business, you will definitely loose some customers and also potential customers which at the long run will not do the business any good.

So building good customers and employee relationship and still maintain the organization rules and regulations should be one of the top priority of every staff working in the organization. This can be sometimes difficult but it worth it because the customers need you but you need them the more, the customers can have alternative to your organization but you do not have alternative to customers. So you need to learn how to manage them well.

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Thanks for the interesting post. I also think that the success of a company depends on the quality of its employees and the atmosphere in which they work. When everyone is focused on results, the chances of the company becoming more successful will increase.

That's true. Thanks @zelensky for the contribution.

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Hello friend, it is certainly a relationship to take care of, customers are the backbone of any business so we must take care of them, employees must be educated to do their job to the best of their ability of course, as long as they are treated with respect. Customers sometimes believe that because they are customers they have the right to humiliate others and that is something that every business owner should avoid and not allow. Greetings!

Thank you for that comment. Employer must know how to put balance between the staff and the customers so that the customers will not take advantage of that and talk anybody or humiliate the staff.