Role of Family in the Success of Your Business

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Success is what everyone desire and strive for, everyone wake up in the morning and move out with the desire to become great in life. As a business man or woman you are out there everyday to attain success and there are difference factors that influence success. In this post I will look into one of the factor which is family.


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First before I proceed what is family? It is a group of people that are related to each other by birth or marriage. Each and everyone of us have a family and in one way or the other family members pay an important role in the success of your business if they are part of the business infact as a matter of fact they are in one way or the other part of the business.

Looking at a situation where by a business man or woman's wife or husband is give him or her a tough time at home, it because difficult to maintain a balance state of mind at work or when carryout their business duties.

Again let us look at the situation where your siblings are involved in the running of the business or company, statistics have it that most of the time it lead to a lot of problems because the family member began to have the feeling of entitlement and their commitment reduce moreover they feel they can do things according to their own way even when most of the time it can harm the business. Well I may not be able to categorically say a lot about the effect of slibings in business in other part of the world but I believe that my opinion stated above is very common in Africa Continent.

Now looking at the positive side
Let talk about the positive role that family can contribute to the success of the business. When it comes to the issue of trust you might not need to start looking far because to some large extend you know the character and behavior of each member of your family, so incorporating any of them that you know is trustworthy save you time of examining and study new people character.

When you incooperate a good and reasonable member of your family into your business, it is natural to expect high level of commitment from such fellow.

In all, you need to know and be ok with the character of your family members that you are bring into you business so that it will not generate alot of regret and conflict but will bring success to the business and bond of your family will be strong

Thanks for reading my post



The family is the team that is used to achieve a common goal, the best example is the community in which we publish and to which we belong @project.hope 😁

It is important that you work with the same sense and with a good guide, that is what leads us all to success.

Many times it is difficult to handle so much diversity of characters and it takes a lot of tact to achieve it, but if you focus in the right direction it can be achieved.

Greetings friend, incorporating the family in business is sometimes very positive, we have seen large companies that are family businesses, and many small businesses are born out of the need to sustain a home, so it is common that spouses or siblings start in business in this way, and that is also why, in this context, the support of the family is essential, just as for the success of an entrepreneur has much to do the environment he lives in and the relationships he has with his close circle.

Hello @great-a!
It would be ideal that family members participate to achieve success in a business, as it is another medium where you can share many experiences and get a lot of learning. Of course, for this to happen, there must be commitment and trust, as you said. If this is not possible, support can be provided in other ways. Greetings!

The family is in the process of extinction and we must cultivate and care, as much as we are doing with our LEO, in this way we will preserve a correct, firm column full of values ​​in the community!

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Hi @great-a I agree with you in your proposal, the influence of the family environment in the success of our lives is indisputable, it influences the success of both business and any field, for many reasons the family is called the foundation of society, so we must always encourage our families in the best values ... thanks for sharing!

Hello friend, the truth is that I have never agreed to include family members in the business, I believe that not everyone is prepared to assume the responsibility and also separate the fact of personal ties, separate the work with the personal, that is something that must be learned very well because mistakes like that can be fatal for any company. Greetings!