What to Do When You Lack Motivation and Face Fustration

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Motivation is one of the key factor that influence the input of an individual towards the organization growth and success. The absent of motivation bring frustration most of the employees that are frustrated in where they are have one thought in their mind; which is, when will I leave this organization while a motivated staff is thinking of what can I do to improve this organization.

Motivation can come from the employer or leaders and at the same time come from the staff

These are three points that an employer can do to increase motivation in his or organization.


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When you give to your staff in your organization you motivate them and this will release an energy or infuse strength into them to give their best for the growth and development of the organization.

People do well when you appreciate them than when you condemn them, infact every one love to be praise than put down by condemnation. So if you want to motivate your staff then you need to show them more appreciation.


One of the way to motivate your staff and position them to do better and give in their best to the organization is to give correct and adequate training.

Now coming back to the employees (staff) what can you do to motivate yourself in the face of frustration.

Work on the way you think

Frustration come from the way we think so if we want to move from frustration to motivation then will need to look into how we think. Change your thinking patterns.

Decide to be in control

Take a decision to stay motivated because of your career and where you see yourself in the future even if presently everything look discouraging.

Lastly increase your knowledge base personally

Rather than wait for the organization or leaders to organize training, you can decide to reach out to acquire the require knowledge that will keep you going and motivate you.

These are few among the steps that can help to increase motivation and reduce frustration.



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Sometimes it can be difficult to be motivated, however, during the difficult times when there is a lack of motivation or facing frustration, it is important to get as much rest as possible, try to find inspiration from different source... it can be from a book or from interaction with positive people... this can help bring back that much-needed motivation

By lack of motivation, it is hard to get things done during the day.

Hello @great-a I agree with you, motivation is fundamental in an organization, but as you say if the motivation does not come from outside we must cultivate it, and motivate ourselves and invest in our training and growth...greetings!