Who is your Mentor?

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The journey of life is full of ups and downs in which everyone try to manover his or her way around it. The same apply to business, the journey to the place of success and accomplishment in business is loaded with alot of ups and downs and life will present to you many ways that look good and attractive. Infact the ways will look great to some people and also in your own imagination it will look good to follow the ways you imagine in your head. There is this saying that what a young boy will see when he climb a tree, an old man will see far more than that sitting down on his chair.

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What is the mean of this saying. In life no matter the field or areas of life that you want to journey into, many have journey in that same direction, many failed while some succeed but irrespective of which categories a man may fall into, one thing is certain which is the fact that they all have experience. The man that failed had an experience on how one can fail if he or she pass through the same route while the one that succeed also have a depth of experience on how one can succeed.

Taking us to the place of mentorship. In life mentors are men or women that have pass or do what you want to do. Through their experience they can teach, guide, correct and also support you so that you will not miss or waste time in your journey. Definitely your mentor will have a great influence upon your life.

The question is who is your mentor? You must conscious define who is your mentor; whether you like it or not you are influence by a personality or more because there will always be someone that inspire you. So the best thing to do is to define your destiny, understand your goals and make it clear then look for someone that is in line with where you see yourself or doing the same type of business and getting remarkable results. Choose the person as your mentor and draw from his or her wealth of knowledge and experience so that you can achieve you dreams.

Let me roundup by saying, if you do not have mentor you might be tormented so get a mentor and make your journey to the place of success faster.

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The figure of the tutor or mentor is something essential academically speaking. Very important since it helps to clear doubts and to carry out investigations in a guided, concise and correct. Making the learning experience highly nutritious.

Having a mentor is a great added value, and many times these people become friends for a lifetime.

Hello @great-a

In academic training, and I am referring particularly to university level studies, the role of the Mentor is crucial for the integral formation of the new professional, even when these advisories work under the modality of guided tutorials for the development of an experiment (in the case of experimental careers) their role helps to guide, correct and also support students so they do not lose the opportunity to achieve a university degree.

Greetings, be well.

Getting a mentor is one thing we often like to ignore but in this race of life we need the guidance of people who have walked through a similar path and who have an idea on what it is like to attain success through it.

Hello friend, it is a great idea to have a tutor, to have a person who serves as an example, but in my opinion my example should be myself, sometimes admiring someone too much can lead us to frustration in case of not being so successful in life, each person has their own achievements, my achievements will not be the same as yours, so we must focus more on our goals and objectives. Greetings!

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