How to deal with the situation today?

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After spending almost a whole week inside my four walls and just taking a little walk in the forest every day, I had to go food shopping today. I drove into my usual supermarket at sharp 8.00 am just when the doors open. This to make sure that I would find everything that I would need. The shops are quickly sold out for certain products these days. I parked my car in the underground parking lot and tried to call the lift without touching the button. First with the elbow then with the knee and then I realized that the lift was not working... So I went to the staircaise just to realize that people were cuing behind a closed door. I don't like cuing, especially in crowded staircases. So I went out through the parking exit on foot and went into the shopping center through the main entrance.

The tricky business to buy food in Corona land

It is very funny because the shopping centers are not allowed to let more than 50 people enter at the same time. So people have to wait in a waiting arena where they are parked behind yellow lines that are 2 meters a part. Fortunately I was one of the first ones in the shop and I didn't have to wait. Even tough it was monday and I was among the first ones in the shop I couldn't get any toilet paper, sugar or popcorn... Why would people buy popcorn in this situations...

I had taken latex gloves with me in order to protect myself but while running around the shopping center to get actually into it, I forgot them in the car... So I tried to avoid touching my face at all costs. Everything went well till I arrived at the cash desk. I use normally an automatic desk so that I don't have to deal with the cashier directly and I pay with credit card. Unfortunately my credit card didn't work first and I started to panic a bit because I had no cash and no other cards with me. Finally it worked all the same and I could pay with my lovely bank card. I learned how I could reach my car in the end. I had to go down to the ground floor over the escalator and then take the lift to go to the underground. Seems easy but not really when you have 4 shopping bags and 6 bottles of milk to carry.

If I could be filmed while doing my shopping, I think that everybody would have a good laugh...

I fled the shop as fast as possible and didn't forget to disinfect my hands before entering the car. If only it would be possible to order food online... There are two main competitors in Switzerland Migros and Coop that offer to deliver your shopping to your home. Unfortunately all Switzerland is requiring their services and they are submerged. Maybe I can get a free spot next week...

I never imagined that I would have to deal with such problems. The fact that I'm without a job or income at the moment and that my wife lost her employment as well, doesn't help with dealing with this situation.

How do you deal with your daily life in Corona Times?


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Wow, I'd like to see that LOL tape.

I haven't been out of my home since a couple of weeks ago. But the unfortunate thing about being locked up is that the government is still cutting off power for many hours, that's exhausting.

I just hope this pandemic passes quickly and can be eliminated.

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Hi @lanzjoseg,
Thanks a lot for your comment. Being locked up is one thing but all the same it's much easier with electricity... I also hope that we will be rid of this corona soon. I wish you a nice day!

I do not want to be insensitive, but you have described a day of my daily life in my country, well, I am from Venezuela and that is enough to say.

By the way, I understand the popcorn thing a little under the idea that being locked up people have to get nervous and hammering something that is crunchy and salty can help calm the nerves, so I think popcorn is an option , you may have other things on hand to do the same, but considering that popcorn does not have dyes and I think that they practically do not make people fat, because it becomes the most appropriate option.

That of buying groceries online and having it delivered to your home is a pleasant dream for me, I think it is a good option, but it really does not surprise me that they are saturated with the demand of people who buy and stay at home.

I regret that the work situation, not having sources of income is an additional source of stress and concern, that we already have enough with the damned coronavirus that has us in check. Hopefully the situation can be normalized quickly and you can go back to work.

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Hi @pedrobrito2004,
Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I think that this situation allows me to understand better how life must be in Venezuela. The unfortunate thing is that instead of Venezuela getting better, the world is getting closer to the state of Venezuela which is not really hopeful...

When I see the ambulance passing every couple of hours to take people to the hospital, the fact that I can't work at the moment seems like unimportant at the moment. In such a crisis what matters most is to be healthy and to be able to provide for your family.

I've heard that the virus has reached your country too. This must be another additional hardship in your every day life.

Stay safe and healthy my friend

Best regards,

Please no. A world in which all the countries become the same disaster that I have around me is something terrifying!

It scares about the ambulances, take good care of yourself. In my case, I don't think I have to worry about ambulances, since the hospitals I know in my town have had accidents for a long time, with no spare parts and no budget to repair them.

Certainly, the virus has also reached these latitudes, until now we are taking social quarantine and isolation measures, trying to keep people at home, but it does not work quite well, since many people work to live every day and if not He works, he does not eat, so it is up to them to choose between being at risk of contagion on the street or waiting at home, rationing what he has from food as much as he can and then dying of a decline.

Those with children have no choice, they need to go out to work and take risks every day to earn some money and take food home. I am lucky, in comparison, the University where I work suspended the activities, I am alone, the boys migrated and they are big, I have some water and food and I can ration with clam, the electricity has been working better and I only have blackouts of a few hours every certain amount of time. It may not sound very nice, but believe me, I have many compatriots who are much worse, so I do not complain much.