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I've developed several projects on steem and I'm planning to makes some changes. I would like to ask for the opinions of the amazing community @project.hope of which I'm a member since the very beginning. I highly respect the collected knowledge of the people in this community and before I start on my path, I would love to get their feed-back.

Project: Help Venezuela

Most of you probably know the project @help.venezuela. I created this project in december 2018 and it has been running successfully ever since. The idea was to support selected authors from Venezuela by giving them substantial upvotes to their posts. This program helped these authors to face the difficult economical situation in their country by getting value to their posts on a regular basis. There are currently 32 people from Venezuela that are supported by this program. Some of them post very seldom but others have developed quite amazingly on the steem blockchain and they even manage to help the people around them now. This program will continue and we will constantly try to increase it's steem power so that the beneficiaries get substantial upvotes from the program.

Project: HVOTE

I have created a token called HVOTE which is actually a tokenized steem account (@happyvoter). The account generates curation and author rewards that are constantly reinvested into steem power. The theoretical token value is calculated by the Steem Power of the account divided by the number of tokens in circulation. This project is almost 1 year old and the token value has increased from 0.525 to 0.800 steem / token. This is a price development of around 50% for one year. In addition to that, a buy back fund is alimented constantly so that there is always some liquidity on the market. New orders are put every week.

The underlying @happyvoter account is used to follow the curation trail of @help.venezuela. Like this both projects work together and increase each others value and help the people from Venezuela even more.

New project: gearing up HVOTE

I've been running crypto currency faucets with my website ref-hunters.ch for several years. I've distributed a value of close to 4 BTC to users from all over the world. Unfortunately, I've had to stop this business because my faucets were constantly hacked and emptied by bots.

On these faucets, however, I promoted other money earning websites and as a result I have several hundred referrals in different programs that generate referral commissions. The income is small and decreasing but it's still an income.

My idea is the following:

The income from these referral earnings is used to buy steem power with the @happyvoter account.
I plan to create an online learning platform where people are taught how to earn money from crypto websites. They will get referral links where they can sign up with these programs and at the same time they will generate referral commissions. There will also be modules where they can learn about steem. At the same time, I offer them the possibility to participate in the referral commissions that they will generate in the future by acquiring HVOTE tokens.
This will increase the demand for the token and at the same time increase the available Steem Power of the underlying account.
Thanks to this increase of steem power, the upvotes given will be more consequent to the Venezuelan community. At the same time the curation rewards will increase and the account will further grow.

What are the advantages:

  • People with low income levels discover a new way to earn money
  • They can participate in the referral commissions that they generate by buying the HVOTE token
  • These people learn about steem and are taught how to use it - onboarding
  • The HVOTE token will increase in price
  • The underlying @happyvoter account will have more and more Steem Power and can support the Venezuelan community more effectively
  • By investing the income from referral commissions into steem power, this will have a beneficial effect on the price of steem.

What do you think about my project? I would be very happy to hear your feedback. Feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them as good as possible.

By @achim03


A project run by @achim03


I like what you plan to do with @happyvoter.
I hope to read about it properly and give subsequent reviews, great job there

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words!

Resteemed already @happyvoter. Upvote on the way :)

Thanks a lot for the resteem!

You have great plans with hvote token. I like you new idea about this token go ahead with your ideas

Thank you very much for your kind feed-back!

hi @happyvoter

It is a very interesting initiative and a great help for those of us who live in Venezuela. The idea of the token seems great and I suggest you do contests where the token is offered as a prize, I think it would be a good idea 👍.
I will be aware of this token and how you carry the project. Successes!

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I suggest you do contests where the token is offered as a prize, I think it would be a good idea

This is a very good idea. Thank you very much. I believe like that I could increase the awareness of the project.

Thanks for the comment!

I want to congratulate your initiative to create new projects. By the way, when you talked about a learning platform I was curious if you tried the services of https://www.udemy.com/ to create and market online courses. I have heard of them, but in reality I have never created a course to market and I could not say much more.

The idea of creating an affiliate network for the sites I think is a good idea and can generate a passive income that would be possible to reinvest in the project, but if it is not updated over time or the subscribers are tracked, it would have the problem of abandonment or loss of participation.

Hi my friend,
Thank you very much for your comment. I've tried to build courses on udemy but they are very restrective and udemy can change the price of your courses as much as they want. I've checked several other platforms and I decided that the best and cheapest thing to do is to create a learning platform myself using wordpress plugins.

The idea of creating an affiliate network for the sites I think is a good idea and can generate a passive income that would be possible to reinvest in the project, but if it is not updated over time or the subscribers are tracked, it would have the problem of abandonment or loss of participation.

You are quite right about that. People join programs but leave them again. So it is important to constantly recrute new people. That is the reason for the learning platform. The idea is that this platform is free to join and marketed constantly. New users can enroll with these courses and learn about the concept. At the same time they are asked to join programs using the referral link provided. They will also learn how they can profit from this system and at the same time support people from Venezuela.

Best regards,


I didn't know about Udemy, it's good to know now.

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Wow a 4 Bitcoin fund and 32 Venezuelans. Good luck with the project. Very happy to have found out about it. Looking forward to the future.

Thank you very much for the tipu tip!

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