last year 

Appreciated @honarparvar.

Thank you very much for your generous delegation to our cause.
This reflects that you really believe in the project and also serve as inspiration for others to join us.

You are also part of @project.hope.

Your Friend, Juan.

hi Juan
I truly wish the @hope.project a great success. keep it up my friends

 last year 

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

sure i was using steemauto
will join your trail soon

 last year 

That's bloody awesome @honarparvar :)

ps. hope you and your family are well. Right now news about your country are literally everywehre and it's hard not to worry about friends from this part of the world.


yes, it can get very bad! thanks for your concern