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Hello community, in this opportunity I bring a publication to share good news and at the same time to extend an invitation, yes, as you read it, an invitation... but it is for something that will benefit you all, I'm sure it will. A few months ago I started with my manual curation, an experiment beyond the automation of votes, with the intention of adding some value to publications that could give some contribution, but in addition to that, looking for the return for curation to be greater than that 14-16 APR that we can often see.

Well, my APR at the moment is above 20, which is truly a great achievement, because I am at least 40% above what can be seen frequently.



So the invitation is for you to join me as a trail, and get a good return benefit for curation, What do you think?

How do I do it?, I simply keep the voting power above 90%, I don't give more than 10-11 votes a day, I vote in publications that I am sure will receive the vote of accounts of great power, in this case in the Project Hope Community. This is how I have been able to steadily grow my account by voting before the whales, an easy trick, of course, but one that requires being vigilant of the process.



Here are a few reasons why it would be good for you to join my trail:

  1. The curation with the trail is manual, for this reason we can choose the posts that will receive votes from accounts that total more than 1million HP (project.hope (300k HP), ph-support (630k HP) and entire PH curation trail (approx 700k HP), which makes that when voting before this account the benefit for curation is much higher. Maintaining an above average APR.
  2. Part of the funds obtained in Project Hope are destined to support some users within the platform, which gives a more social character to this project, to this community.
  3. The use given to Hive Power is in publications that are not plagiarism, since the publications are reviewed, to do their best to reward those users who make an effort to create original content.
  4. You don't have to worry about not generating profits with your voting power, because the hive Power will be active, generating profits responsibly, while you are doing any other activity.
  5. You can join the trail whenever you want, and you can withdraw whenver you want. Voting power is always in your power.
  6. We focus on publications from those authors who are growing their accounts on Hive. In publications that focus on topics related to technology, crypto, economics, business, investment, psychology and other related topics.

You can also directly join our curation trail by clicking on that link:


Learn how to join a curation trail - Tutorial

Cheer up, you won't regret it.


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Reposted and upvoted. Thanks a lot

Thanks for support.

Greetings friend @josevas217 excellent work you have been doing.

Greetings my friend, it is an excellent job and a great opportunity to make a profit. I congratulate you for your effort to do this work manually to get before the whales to publications with quality content.

Nice one buddy. Keep it up.

Have a repost

glad to join. hopefully, we will grow further as a team on the hive network

Thank you for setting this up and managing it. Was it just that we needed to click 'Follow'?

Hi @mynima
Click on this link:
And then configure to 100%, if you wish. If you want something more detailed about the process, I recently made a post where I explain it in detail, although it is really very easy to do.

Congratulations, I really liked your post, it is a clear and precise explanation of how to grow together. Thank you for sharing your advice

Hello friend @josevas217, thank you for sharing this information and invite us to participate to achieve greater benefits with the activities in ProjecHOPE.
Highlighting the areas of interest of this community is important to develop our publications in these topics.
Best regards friends, thank you

Thanks @josevas217 for all your efforts - it benefits the community and is really appreciated. Have a !wine on me my friend.

Congratulations, @awah You Successfully Shared 0.300 WINE With @josevas217.
You Earned 0.300 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 3/3 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24845.318 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.270 HIVE

Hello friend, excellent publication, it's a great job!!! Greetings!

Well Said....and resteemed. To Growth!

I've joined this trail weeks ago and never regretted it :))
Thank you so much.

dear @josevas217 a very noble initiative to help members grow their accounts and support genuine content creators. I am re-blogging to support this project and increase its visibility
good luck to you my friend.

Let's do this 💪

I am very aware of the responsible reccomendations you do to read articles in here. So, with confidence that you would vote quality posts that deserve the upvote rewards, I already joined your curation trail long ago.

You can guess, who talked me to join your curation trail , it was @crypto.piotr ofcourse. But I did not hesitate, being confident that my vote in the trail will go to deserving authors who post quality articles only.

I am sure you are doing a great job in the curation trail work, good day.

Hi @josevas217,
I'm not sure why you get heavily downvoted but I joined your trail :)


Hello @pundito
Thank you very much for joining. The truth is that I'm not clear why the downvote, simply in the community we are working to grow all, and obviously benefit the platform. But, regardless of that, we keep working and moving forward.
Excellent weekend to

I have seen this post while navigating hive. I am quite new (recovere my old steem account that I used some years ago), but I have decided to join your trail to support quality content and try to make my (still small) voting power to get some curating rewards.

Thanks for the effort!