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RE: Marketing- Advertising Management: Meaning and Importance of Marketing Management

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Greetings friend @omo-ope.

Again marketing gives us a lot of research and discussion points. All of these aspects are of utmost importance.
With satisfaction we can see how the authors of Project Hope Hive offer us articles related to marketing, making our community a point of reference when consulting this topic.

He had not reflected on social goals. These seemed very interesting to me.
If all producers complied with and respected the social aspects of marketing, it would undoubtedly improve the consumer experience, especially since it would reduce unfair competition that only seeks to capture the attention of the final consumer at all costs, thus neglecting quality. This goes against the levels of user satisfaction.

Thanks for sharing.

Your friend, Juan.


Thanks @juanmolina i'm glad you enjoy this choice of infromation.
Markerting is a very important topic wemhen dealing in bussiness related.

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Currently, it is almost impossible for any business to be successfully consolidated without well-studied and well-done marketing.

Thanks for attentive reply.