Why does everything go wrong?

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Only two days have passed since the beginning of the third week of November, and the events surrounding these 48 hours are extremely catastrophic. When reading the local press in my country, each news item reveals that chaos dominates the national, regional and world events, for example; Russia records 442 deaths in one day per Covid-19, France exceeds two million infections per Covid-19, in Portugal every 1. 304 are positive in an estimated one hundred thousand inhabitants, and Ecuador exceeds 180,000 cases and 13,000 deaths per Covid-19.

Apart from the previous negative news related to COVID-19, other extremely catastrophic news can be found, for example; Trump asked for options to attack Iran, the powerful Hurricane Iota devastates several Central American countries, Bolivia detects an outbreak of a strange virus similar to Ebola, Colombia enters recession for the first time in two decades, gas tanker explosion leaves 13 dead in Mexico, 7 year old boy and 13 year old boy murdered in Mexico City.

Fig. 2 Climate and epidemiological chaos on a global scale are closely related. Image of public domain, Author: Inactive, 2020

In other less dramatic lines, you can also read news like this; in Venezuela a woman died electrocuted in the middle of the rain, the new "fleets" of Twitter will disappear after 24 hours, Nadal loses to Thiem and his future in the Masters is complicated.

In this sense, and in view of these events, the question arises: Why does everything go wrong? if we consider the positions of fans, pessimists, extremists, religious, even the deductions of scientists, the answers will be numerous, for example; fans will tell us that, if we assume that everything goes wrong, then everything we do will have a negative outcome.

Now, there are different theories, which establish that chaos dominates each natural and artificial context, most of these theories are based on hypotheses supported by scientific determinism, either through logical thinking, or causal conception, now, it should be noted that these conjectures arise from statements based on empirical principles, which establish that all behavior, is completely determined by its initial conditions, in other words, the contexts I mentioned at the beginning are the response of initial behaviors or actions.

Fig. 3 Wars break balances of understanding, fundamentally nuclear chaos has been planned for decades. Image of public domain, Author: Cristian, 2020

Generally states, institutions, political leaders, and any common person when things go wrong, immediately declare or look for a culprit, others endorse the adage "If something bad can happen, it will" approach that is even endorsed by the statement of Murphy's law, however, in both positions people forget to find the initial conditions that generated the problem, I hope your appreciation to what is mentioned in this publication.


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Good article, personally I think the world is in constant movement and so the things that happen that people label them as good or bad is already a matter of perception

Good point, any given reading is correct, it is influenced by our perception. Thank you for leaving your appreciation.

The world keeps turning and everything we do against it (sooner or later) will be charged to us.

That's right, everything is causality, one action generates another action, and the sum of these generates a chain of actions. Thank you for leaving your accurate comment


I believe that our planet has always lived in chaos, only at this moment we are alarmed by things that disturb our normality, but it was normality that triggered the chaos. To cite an example, a hurricane breaks our tranquility, but hurricanes are normal in tropical ocean areas, so we should have considered the probability of a hurricane in the construction of cities in these areas. So sometimes things go wrong, for not foreseeing all the possibilities.

Greetings dear friend @emiliomoron

I agree with you, all behavior is reduced to an action by causality, some will say that perhaps they see it as simple regularity and interaction between phenomena, but it is true what you say, because sometimes things go wrong, for not foreseeing all the possibilities.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
I'm reviewing some publications from a few days ago, and I come across this wonderful post.
There are those who claim that all these things that are happening on a global level are predetermined and even written in some sacred book of one of the hundreds of religions that exist.
It's crazy what's happening, I think we can agree on that. Now, I prefer to be positive but realistic, things will take time, but we will have a normality, a new normality, but a normality at the end of the day.

Greetings friend @josevas217, from an objective approach to be positive and realistic, is the perfect combination when considering all the situations that trigger a particular event. Kind regards, thanks for visiting the blog.

Of course, behind an undesired event there are reasons of origin that explain to us the reasons why they originated and also the reasons why they occur. Greetings my dear friend @lupafilotaxia, stay safe.

Exactly, without a doubt, the situations that this 2020 have presented, are the results of initial actions. Thanks friend @carlos84, for visiting the blog.