The seed you sow



Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we want to do something, that we want to undertake, or change, or simply turn our lives around, situations that are a little uncomfortable for us.

We begin to evaluate them from different perspectives, such as changing them, making them up, deforming them, or molding them, and we use all the homonyms and synonyms of these to give them a new air and refresh what we have been thinking about up to this point.

But most of the time we end up disappointing ourselves, ignoring what we initially wanted to do and completely lose the horizon of what we mainly intended to do.

There are thousands of ways and ways to solve this, we can start with a simple one, imagine that the idea you have is a seed, let's use this analogy, the seed is the idea that came out of you, so let's look for the land where it will be planted, what should this land have? What nutrients will you need? What amount of water should it have daily?

Substitute each of these questions for the basis of your idea, remember that if you place the seed deep in the tree, its roots will be strong and its foundations will be almost impossible to pull out.

Work each one of these needs to realize your idea, one by one thoroughly, the fertilizers used by a certain plant is not the same as the one used by another, so study the type of tool that you will use in the soil, everything that looks like a tool, you have it at hand, always keep in mind that technology advances by leaps and bounds and each one of them must be taken into account.

Is your plan or idea taking shape? Sit for a moment and admire your creation, what are its needs at the levels you are advancing, what has changed, maybe as your plant grows it needs another kind of expert support to keep it from falling.

Is it what you thought? Or maybe it is better? Remember, every plan you make must have a strategy, every change must have its pros and cons, it may seem a very tedious job, but if we seek to make profound changes, we can not take something that lowers our fever, no, let's attack the cause.

Notice that the seed that you sowed one day, that you helped it, that you took care of it, that you did everything to make it strong and healthy today, will only bear the fruits that you want it to bear, no one can do it for you.

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Undoubtedly, we must have a broad vision of what we want and how we want to achieve it. The allegory of the seed is valid, as a farmer it is an indescribable sensation to see the tree grow and even more to harvest its fruits and feed ourselves with it. We must persevere and not be influenced by those who see everything black and do not let people move forward.@tipu curate 3

Hello @mariu.espinoza, When one proposes things in life we have to keep in mind that not everything will go as we expect, for this we must be prepared and have strategies that allow us to straighten the course of our idea, as you very well indicate it is necessary to observe well where the seed will be grown to know that we will require during germination until harvesting.

Your publication is excellent.

Interesting piece, I like the way you used the seeds description. Thanks bro

Hello @mariu.espinoza
I agree with you, the strategy to be implemented and the monitoring of the results are key to achieving what we propose.
Great reading, thank you for sharing.
Have a great day!

Hi @mariu.espinoza, congratulations for the reflective narrative used in this post.
You sow the seed to think what we are sowing, how and with what.
Enjoy reading your post.
Best regards