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RE: The 48 Hour Contest - What Is Your Favourite Piece Of Tech?

in Project HOPE11 months ago (edited)

My favorite piece of technology remains a the mobile phone....I do everything on it, from monitoring my potfolio to making quick trades, to writing to reading to contacting people to finding more about stuff to keep being updated....If im awake for 24 hours, trust that I'm using my phone for 20 lol. My second fav piece of tech is the drone, firstly I like the idea of it, then I like what it can do. I dont own one yet, but once i do, im sure going to be having a field day with it.

Shared to my twitter.


A lot of us have that bad habit of checking our phone once too often in a day lol But it really is convenient.

I want a drone as well.

Thank you for the tweet.