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in Project HOPE2 years ago

Early on I was delegating to a few content creators from 🇻🇪, for the same purpose as yours. Since then, the Steem value dropped and many left.
I feel project hope may bring to life this channel of helping them.
Your post is well understood to me, and I hope that soon group C will be suported through the project itself rather than your own funds.
I'm delegating already and I'm proud to suport your initiative.
Bon chance💪


Thanks for all the support.

Hopefully the project will help many more people and collaborate in the growth of the number of accounts and the creation of new content for the Steem blockchain, thus contributing to its promotion and its revaluation.

 2 years ago  

Appreciated @nomad-magus.

On behalf of the entire @project.hope team I want to thank your generous delegation.
You are supporting us in our work and in our lives. In addition you are already part of something that will grow and in a short time many will want to have been with us from the beginning.

Your Friend, Juan.

 2 years ago  

Dear @nomad-magus

From Venezuela, Your I send you a great Virtual fraternal hug, it is my way of saying thank you for the support you are giving to the hope project, and I know that many of the team also thank you.

Your Friend, LanzJoseG