Few examples of industries where future millionaires will come from.

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Those people who surely want to build up their finance understand clearly that the world is changing fast with the snap of a finger, the world is changing so fast and wealth is changing hands so if you will like to get amongst the class of the extremely wealthy ones and live an extremely wealthy life style that we watch most millionaires live, then it will be important to get focused on the need to pay attention to the industries that will be doing well few years to come.

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A lot of entertainers have made a lot of money and to some of us it looks like cheap money, but these people work really hard and they have strategically positioned themselves in a way that we cannot resist, everyone loves to be entertained and for a very long time entertainment will be sought after by many.

Clever engineering.

Clever engineering is being able to develop a machine of your own that will solve a problem that people have been longing to solve, this will definitely put you on a big timeline and will boost your company to the point of making millions on a constant base, it will even do you more good to keep inventing new required instruments.

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The fashion industry.

People are getting really fashionable by the day and for those who are thinking intelligently towards making their own designs it is definitely a chapter to fall into the category of present and future millionaires.

Energy supply.

Energy consumption is now different and the world is now getting more focused to the direction of renewable energy our society really needs that, people who are able to come up with options of renewable energy will definitely fall into the category of those whose millions will increase.

Innovations in health sector.

We know that it is a necessity to stay healthy and all the time, we spend on making ourselves healthier but the people who really make a lot of money in the health sector are those people who are into the production of these basic items, they are the ones who make more money from the industry.

Retail shopping.

The retail section has more people because a larger percentage of the entire population depends on retail production but even more is the need to present your own retail production in a manner that feels different from the available and then win over the territory.

Food industry.

We all need to eat but becoming a millionaire in the food industry will mean that we have given our due diligence in improving our own food processing method to appear more pleasant to the eyes of people than other available ones.

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Yes, many can get to where they want to go, especially if they propose it, establishing a business that can make you a millionaire is everyone's dream, however no one knows what is behind it to achieve it.

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Believe me the food industry is one that will never fade out, it simply demands that it is handled in a way that people will continue to love and patronize.

Hmm. A very insightful post. Seems I have to look for my niche(possibly niches) among the industries you listed because I definitely wont mind becoming a future millionaire. :)

I strongly believe in the entertainment industry and thw food industry because they would never run out of content or value.