CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! - Cook It With Oredebby😍

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Helloooo beautiful hivians. Hope you all are doing amazingly well today. Its me your baby girl and I'm back with another beautiful contest tagged "COOK IT with @oredebby" Yea Yea...

Graphics by me

Back on steemit, I hosted a contest tagged "Movie Night with @oredebby" I know some people can remember. We used to talk about movies and you get to share your thoughts and then get some popcorn as reward.😉🍿 Yea you remember now.

Well, things have changed now and this new contest is all about food 🥗. Now how will this go? 🤔 I know thats the question on your mind right now. Its very simple. I will post a picture of a particular food, sometimes it might be cooked by me and sometimes i'll post food pictures from the internet and all you have to do is COOK IT!

You are going to cook the exact food I post and serve it to look exactly or almost exactly like I post mine. I hope you understand now. Yea I bet you do. You can let me know your thoughts about this.

For this 1st week... Cook this😍



  1. Cook and Dish the above food as it is.
  2. Post your entry as a comment under this post and tell us the name of the food, how you cooked it and the ingredients you used. .
  3. Neatness, Beauty and Attention to details is key.
  4. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (It will be checked).
  5. Contest Post will be up every SATURDAY and will run for five (5) days which means it will close on Wednesdays by 9:00pm CAT. (This is to give us time to get the best entries).
  6. Upvoting and Reblogging this post is NOT compulsory BUT important for a wider view.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Top 5 best will be upvoted with 100,000 HP worth of upvote from @project.hope. Isn't that interesting??😋

Yea so I'm expecting your entries... Let's have fun😍🕺💃

I say a big thank you to @crypto.piotr for his support so far and I also call on @theycallmedan @kpine @stach @ocd @bleepcoin @olawalium @broncnutz @ackza @mosunomotunde @samminator @cryptoctopus @c0ff33a @surpassinggoogle @payroll @challengedac @qurator @bdvoter @curie @steembasicincome @mustard @sweetsssj @derangedvisions @mahdiyari @jphamer1 @acidyo @trafalgar @muhammadsabil @cervantes @jerrybanfield @adsactly to mention a few to please support this project in anyway you can and i'll be very much grateful.

You can chat me up on discord _ Oredebby #9758


Thanks so much for reading...
Till I come your way next time...
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby


A fantastic concept Ore! I hope you get lots of entries. I am not a fan of cooking but I sure love to eat... Lol

Lol thats funny. Thanks so much sis.

This is amazing. I guess I have to bring out my cooking shoes and apron to do some nice cooking 😃

Nice initiative Debby

Oh yea... Will be so glad to see yours. Remember it ends on Wednesday #winks. Thanks boss

@oredebby this is interesting. I will definitely participate.

Thanks very much. Expecting your entry. Just 3 days to go

Dear @oredebby

We're happy to support your contest .... however I would need to ask you not to post within project.hope HIVE/community if your publication is not related to topics such as:

  • technology,

  • blockchain,

  • artificial intelligence

  • machine learning

  • economy,

  • business,

  • marketing, psychology, etc.


Otherwise you may unfortunatelly end up making our little community looking little messy. Hope I'm making sense?

I will NOT mute this post this time around, however I will have to mute it if it will repeat itself in the future.

@project.hope team

Well understood. Thank you.

Seems to be quite simple but interesting too...we have such food all-day.....boiled rice and veggies it's our favourite....

Yea as the very first, I had to keep it simple. I'm expecting your entry.

Infact I am waiting to get to see how the entry goes....always exciting to see new cusines from different region.