How to handle the effect of technology on family relationships

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We are all excited about the great impact that technology has brought to us, with technology it has become very possible for us to navigate through different tasks at almost the same time and get a better result than we would have gotten without technology. I can imagine how difficult it would have been to live a life without the use of a mobile device or a proper means of communicating with friends and families or a life that lacks machines that will make our lives much easier.

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We have however failed to realize how much the advancement in technology is eating deep into our relationships every passing day, technology is making the cooperation between families and friends decline as fast as possible. The few periods that friends and families are supposed to spend together ends up getting ruined because one or two persons from the meeting is glued to their social media page with their mobile device.

The availability of technology to everyone including kids breaks the relationship between mother and child on so many occasions, the union between mother and child is often broken since the child feels he can easily browse the internet to obtain whatsoever information he needs to get without asking the parent and since the internet is occupied with so many wrong information, the child is made to believe just anything either right or wrong or even get influenced to believe that the parents do not have a proper training knowledge.

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As much as parents give their kids access to mobile devices and laptops, there should be a certain level of restriction. There should be restriction given to the time they can spend with their gadgets which should give room for family time where the use of mobile devices will need to be kept away. The rule should also include study periods, the attraction to social media has created inability to study properly in the minds of upcoming generations, it is the duty of parents to ensure that the minds of the younger generation is developed and trained to know how important it is to study properly before making any decision at all.

Social media friends should never replace the physical relationships, the younger generation needs to be lectured that the social media space is occupied with people who are just concerned about living fake lives, the younger generation needs to be trained not to live their lives based on the extravagant social media life but conveniently grow themselves to the point of dream actualization.


Hello friend, I agree, today many values have been lost thanks to technology, many people prefer to spend hours in front of a phone than sharing quality time with their families. Everything has a limit and all excess of evil, parents should set an example and as you say establish restrictions, but even they can not with their vice, so what can we expect?


New technologies bring many benefits, but at the same time, they can generate new challenges and difficulties. Not only children have state-of-the-art technological devices, but also parents, so many of these problems occur in the family context.
However, if it is withdrawn as an entertainment option, it is necessary to generate alternatives for individual and joint leisure. Children sometimes do not know what to do if they are cut off from technology and it is "important" that they have resources other than technology.
Ultimately, technology, like all good things in life, is necessary and helps us to live better, as long as it is used as a facilitator of daily activities. Like everything, in excess it can become a great enemy of interpersonal relationships, but it is not something intrinsic to it. The responsibility for its use lies with each one.