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Thank you for all the support and interest in the situation in Venezuela.

You are right, the situation in that country has not improved at all, its production of its main export products has been plummeting, crime of all kinds and at all levels has been increasingly rampant, despair has led to a percentage of the population to migrate even if they have to go on foot with only the possessions that they can carry in their bags or backpacks, malnutrition is decimating the most vulnerable population (children and the elderly die of the most miserable and simple waning), the Failure of basic public services has already become part of everyday life (having a day of electrical service without interruption is already a rare luxury even in the Capital City of the Republic) and another lot of things ...

This can be depressing and perhaps because of survival, adaptation and try to maintain mental sanity, those of us who live it every day try to think about other things and take our time to produce something that gives us some joy and if that gives opportunity to complete the economic income and survive a little more, because then it is much better. :)