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RE: Accepting Yourself First

Why is it important to accept myself?
Because when we don't and we compare ourselves, criticize, belittle, insult and / or are unhappy about what we don't have, we constantly increase our suffering.
Denying your emotions, your thoughts or your actions is equivalent to telling yourself that your real personality is not valid and it leads you to create a false image of yourself. Until you accept that facet of yourself that you are banishing from your consciousness you will not be able to change or improve it.
The problem of not accepting yourself and not accepting others as they are is so common that many times we overlook it. The point is that as long as you do not value yourself, you will not be able to value anyone else, and that makes our coexistence with other people difficult since we are in a constant internal struggle that we reflect on the outside world.
Accepting yourself, in short, does not mean continuing in ignorance, poverty, or fat, it means ACCEPTING that the current situation is like this, that it cannot change overnight, and being grateful that you have many things before start chasing new ones.
Not doing it is like hating the current house because there is a new one you want. As much as you can buy it, and fast, you will still have to be in the old house for a while, so what better way than to accept and continue to progress? The same is true of yourself. It is not about resigning yourself and conforming to who you are. But accept that at this moment you are a certain way and commit to change, knowing that improvements take time.