The Dangers of In-communication To An Organization

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One of these days, my friend arrived and asked if I knew a very good bricklayer to indicate and I asked him: What is very good for you?
For communication to have the expected effect, it needs to be clear . Communicating is not just passing on information, but being able to speak and be understood. In everyday life it is common for the exchange of information to generate a lot of communication due to lack of clarity and incorrect interpretations.

In response, my friend said that "very good" would be a bricklayer who would provide cheap and quick service. For me, the very good bricklayer is the one who has quality service, before it is cheap and fast. See how a single term can bring countless interpretations. The very good for him is not the same for me.
As in everyday life, interpretation in the workplace can hinder the progress of projects and the well-being of employees.
Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your messages in the environment in which you work?

According to research carried out by some executives, in 2010, in a food company in the city of Texas, it can be said that 52% of employees partially understand the information they receive and only 22% understand the message completely .

These communication failures generate misalignment, delays in deadlines and projects due to the lack of clarity on how to develop certain demands, in addition to discouraging employees.
A team that does not establish good communication between its members gives the impression of being adrift, giving an opportunity for error and, consequently, rework.


The company must see communication as an ally for business, because the good relationship with its audiences, internal and external, ensures recognition before society, values the resources and potential of its employees, and helps to strengthen the reputation. Having business communication done professionally can help in business!

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