It has some problem when i play 0xuniverse game and use arkane wallet

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Recently I play a game of 0xUniverse.It is a game base on ETH public chain.The player mainly uses this method that launch spacecraft and buy or sell planet to earn money.
Some operation of the game is base on ETH chain to use wallet to complete.

So i have to create a wallet of arkane.I choose the ETH wallet option when i create this arkane account.
Now i can login in the game with use this arkane wallet.

But i have a problem with to used arkane.It has a error when i play 0xUniverse game.It shows "please confirm the transaction in the opened arkane window".The picture as follows:

Then i open the "" website.It shows "whitelabel error page".So i can not execute this transaction.How to solve this problem.The picture as follows:



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