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A greeting to the community of PH, we are almost in mid-January and this year the news do not stop coming, from the bull market of currencies to events in the U.S., no doubt because of what it outlines this year will be full of news like the year 2020, in this article I will talk about the importance of using google daily and how this tool can make our lives easier, I hope you like it.

one of the things that allows us this century is to be informed, communications technology gave the human being the possibility of having a mega library with the greatest knowledge of humanity and as they say "information at a click away", if you want to know about business policy finance or life simply use the tool par excellence" google "and you can access a database that grows and is updated at all times, a superpower that the new generations have and do not give it the importance it deserves.

Let's say we want to know about finances the main thing is to go to google and place the term that will give us the definition and other characteristics of that term, but as we use the tool we learn to use google to access more hidden content and material that is not simply in sight, the tool allows us to search for everything that is indexed or gives us other terms by which we know what we are looking for, google not only gives us information but also recognizes our tastes for a particular topic and sends us information about classes and other tools associated with our search, in short, the tool understands what you are looking for and continues to search even after you close the search engine, so while you are browsing, google sends you an announcement of a master class or seminar that it understands will help you in your search for information.

On the other hand nobody knows everything and although it is hard to believe that many of the people who are referents in a field use google daily to know how to do something or to remember some definitions or to access answers to problems they have, google is one of those tools that is used by both experts and novices to keep up with their field, from my point of view google is more than a search engine is a database that feeds the collective intelligence.

To conclude my recommendation is that you use more google, both to be updated in your field and to learn about those terms that you do not know, this wonderful tool puts in your hands thousands of years in information that you can use to enhance what you know and can become an expert in your area, so search more in Google in your day to day

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Hello friend, you are right Google is a virtual tool that allows us to be updated on any information you want, we just have to give it an appropriate use and teach our children how to use it to locate useful information and quality for their academic training.

See you later friend, have an excellent week.

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Just to think that the creators did not imagine that it would be a monster this looked for, sometimes I can suppose that they are the owners of the technological world of the Internet. in all the countries of the world with the exception of some countries. all use google and its derivatives.

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hi dear @trabajosdelsiglo
As a great thinker would say "I google then I exist", that's how Google is my friend, I change the world, its simple, its effectiveness is amazing