Maximizing the "Connected Economy" and creating wealth through Commissions

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There would be no successful transaction between a buyer and a seller without a connection whether in real time or virtually. The two parties as a matter of compulsion must have a meeting point before their transactions can be brokered. That space is called "market".

The Connected Economy is my tag for a network between market value givers and takers. We cannot undermine the role which traditional markets offer to expose products to the buyers who actually need them. Typically, products in an ideal traditional market are so categorized that even a visitor would be able to locate where a certain product would be found, however, would e left with an array of sellers and their products to choose from.


The growth in product variety makes it even more for buyers to get their desired product even within the market. Another problem plaguing the traditional market system is the tax and increased logistics charges involved in the transportation of the products to the market space.

With the advent of eCommerce, buyers could be linked to producers and product sellers through a third party who does the marketing on behalf of the seller. The third party and intermediary thus earns a commission for every sale he makes as a reward fro successfully helping on party who seeks value to meet the other party who has the value and and is ready to exchange it for money. That is the principle that Jeff Bezoz of Amazon has employed over the users to become the world's riches man and we see today that online shops are stealing the show and are making cool cash on daily basis, especially no that the novel corona virus forbids physical contacts of humans.


Did you ever imagine why people or groups put in so much funds to build an "exchange infrastructure" even as it is in the cryptocurrency world just to help token holders to exchange? Did you think that they run into losses? Absolutely No!. Exchanges make their huge cool clash through commissions and long as there are huge volumes of tokens moving in and out, the "tiny" commissions add up and accumulate to huge values.

from the afore, the connected economy is a huge market potential that is yet to be fully tapped in today's world. The system that drives a connected economy revolves around the intermediary or market facility which has commission as its reward. This is a wealth stuck option that is yet to be maximized. running an intermediary service may not require the sophisticated knowledge required to create a product, neither does it need money to buy and warehouse the product. All that is required is a "brilliant" marketing strategy that would earn the trust of the buyer to accept the product so marketed.

It might also interest you to know that Facebook that has earned so much patronage by socialization minded individuals serves as a connection agent that links to friends who want to share their photos, contents, videos, etc and both parties contribute data which enriches Mark Z. The Connected Economy is a where wealth can be created with ease.

I would be glad to share thoughts with you on how we can make the most from our a connected economy. Let's maximize the comments section of this blog post.


Connected economy, I didn't know that phrase. But I can visualize the connection.
It's amazing how an exchange house can generate thousands or millions by charging small transaction fees. Maybe one person does not see it, but when we are thousands of users that make use of something and leave what for us is not so significant, the sum at the end is great.
Thank you for sharing this information @uyobong

Thanks friend for always stopping around to share thoughts. Truly, we can generate millions with tiny commissions.

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Hello friend, excellent publication, the truth is that I think connections are important and more in the field of business and digital. Thanks for sharing.

Very correct. As we build business models today, we must ensure that they are leveraging connections.

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Hi @uyobong
The connected economy is certainly booming and more so in recent times, particularly this year 2020 has proved controversial and paradoxical.

However, your statement:

All that is required is a "brilliant" marketing strategy that wins the confidence of the buyer to accept the product thus marketed.
This is one of the keys that is widely used especially today, where negotiations are based on connectivity and digital business. Great publication, thanks

All that is required is a "brilliant" marketing strategy that would earn the trust of the buyer to accept the product so marketed.