How To Maximize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur can be quite demanding as well as time consuming to the extent you find yourself not being able to complete just a task in a day. This can easily be taken care of when you are able to maximize and optimize every second as much as you can. Being able to maximize your time doesn't mean you over work yourself all in a bit to maximize. Overworking and being so stressed is not maximizing at all. There are many ways to maximize your time as an entrepreneur without going through a mental breakdown.

First, you need to plan your day. Yes and I mean every single second of it. Have a note handy or if you prefer you can make use of your phone to set a list of things you want to get down everyday. This will help you spread your plans out better and even visualize the possible outcomes of each one. Although it's normal that one or two unplanned activities might pop in , having a plan will help you stay on track and also make it easier for rescheduling as well.

Secondly, you need to cut down on the time you spend on each task. Instead of an hour business call try to cut things down to 30 minutes or even less if possible, cut down on board meeting hours of just arguing to an hour or two. This will help you save more time to do other activities or tasks i.e slacking is not allowed. Get things done as fast and soon as you can.

Thirdly, you need to set priorities. Instead of doing things out of the blue as they come, take care of pressing and more important issues first. With the important ones out of the equation you'll be better relaxed to do other activities and not be overwhelmed with work constantly. You can also leave less important issues to your assistants to take care of. You don't necessarily have to be the one to decide what color of packaging your products should go out in, hiring a capable assistant can help you get all these done and if you have the compulsory need to be in charge of everything you can just supervise instead.

You also need to optimize your time i.e make good use of every second. If you are flying a jet or in a cab you can listen to that book you have always wanted to learn from instead of waiting for a time which might never come. You could take advantage of those minutes as well to call that client about that contract or complete other little tasks you have been postponing. Multitask as much as you can if possible. You could even have virtual meetings on the go if possible. This is the era of technology and you should take advantage of it.

While you are doing all these it is also important that you take breaks from time to time. This will help your brain to stay fresh and focused. Overworking can lead to stress and cause your thinking faculties to collapse. Take out time to play a game, take a walk or have drinks with friends. This will increase your productivity and creativity and also help you maximize your potential as an entrepreneur.


Time is an essence for business and as entepreneurs, we need to find ways to create it. Obviously planning for each day is what I can relate to.
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that is really through, thanks for the vote sir

Hello friend, certainly making good use of our time is fundamental, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, we all have great things to achieve but we must also organize ourselves, besides not everything can be work, we must give ourselves moments of distraction. I think an agenda can be a great help, either physically or through the cell phone. It helps me a lot to write everything down. Greetings!