TeleMedicine skyrocketed during Covid19 and should continue to thrive !

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TeleMedicine skyrocketed during Covid19 and should continue to thrive !


  • Almost 1.3 million US Medicare members received tele-health services in the week ending April 18, compared to just 11,000 in the week ending March 7
  • The looser regulations that allowed this shift are only in place for the extent of the national public health emergency, but myriad groups have called on HHS to permanently relax the barriers.
  • Previously, tele-health use in Medicare was severely restricted to specific locations and circumstances, like for beneficiaries in rural areas or patients already in a hospital.
  • According to CMS, only 90,000 fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries used virtual care through the entire 2016 calendar year — seven times fewer than the amount that used tele-health the week ending April 4 alone.


Analysis and Comments

  • Many analysts and I believe that telemedicine has a long runway of growth, as it is both more convenient for the patient & cheaper to provide (which is becoming increasingly important as national healthcare budgets come under increasing financial pressure.
  • One concern that held back the growth of the service (other than patient reluctance) was a concern by other providers that the tele-medicine system would cherry pick the “easiest to treat” & healthiest patients, leaving the national or state provider to treat the difficult or expensive cases.
  • With the current crisis we have a real world test – with some commentators believing we will see the industry jump ahead as much as a decade, if they can meet the demand & they can retain patients once the situation returns to normal


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In the future, we'll also visit AI doctors and have medicines prescribed by them. For normal diseases, it can work easily.

Yes indeed, it is already happening in a lot of countries. They estimate that 30% of consultations can be done online without affecting the quality of treatment (mostly cold, cough...)

Covid-19 has paved way for technology to be well engaged and scaled. More positives on the way.

I also do believe that it will be the case very soon. Medical technologies are the future !

Excelent. I am AA cardiología and i know what about you talk.

Are you using telemedicine ?

Yes I am. I do video consultation. Oye project Is named Social Medicine Project.

Finally it seems the covid-19 is opening eyes to what should be realised

It was time for healthcare to enter the XXI st century xD

I honestly think it is great that today telemedicine has advanced so far, thanks to the pandemic there have been advances and new tools to make life easier for patients. In addition to improving the health system in a certain way, avoiding the accumulation of waiting patients and thus be able to provide the best care to those who really need it.

Many waiting rooms are filled in a hospital for things that are not an emergency or urgency, are discomforts or symptoms that can be treated from home, such as a common cold, of course, in this case a common cold should be studied for being catalogued as the main sign of covid-19. But what I want to get at is that many people go to clinics collapsing from something that most probably does not warrant going.

You are right.