The power of critical reading for life

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Critical reading refers to reading to understand what is read based on one's own criteria through solid ideas to discern about any subject with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge.

To understand the subject it is important to define what is reading and what is critical. So reading ¨is a process that involves three aspects such as visualization, phonation and hearing¨ while criticism ¨is a judgment that is made about something¨.

By defining these concepts we can say that there are countless benefits that reading has especially for our academic life, as it makes us reason and understand the world around us properly. Undoubtedly through this reading skill we can give a great contribution to humanity because in this world of knowledge there is much to put into practice and address the reality to improve it and get great contributions.

It is important to emphasize that reading implies putting all our mental energy into understanding and at the same time obtaining the meaning of what is read. At the same time it activates the set of previous knowledge obtained during the period of time we have spent studying and acquiring new skills when we perform a particular reading.

We must consider that many times we read with the sole purpose of fulfilling some academic demands and this results in not doing a critical reading that leaves us a teaching for life. It can be said that we only read by inertia but not because there is something that motivates us to read in order to learn and develop intellectually.

It is necessary to have notions about the benefits of critical reading because in this way we become aware of the importance that it has not only for our academic life but for our daily life, allowing us to understand reality and set a constructive thinking about what we read with solid arguments.

In this sense we can say that it is transcendent to teach critical reading to school children and young people at university level so that they understand that reading should not only be to fulfill an educational task, but to broaden our intellectual horizons, to know about universal thought and learn about other cultures and knowledge.


It's good that you liked my post. thank you for your comment ...

It is common for people to read and not engage in this, making it a time-killing exercise. And there are students who do it to record verbatim what they need for some test or exam but without really learning what they memorize. Reading should be a pleasure where we can travel through what we read and learn what that reading shows us.
There is so much richness in that that knowledge automatically multiplies without us realizing it. @tipu curate 2

certainly reading should be pleasurable and we should know that it provides us with great benefits when it comes to acquiring knowledge.

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Hello @yolmare.

Excellent article that you share with us in this opportunity, where, it is important to highlight what you express:

To understand the topic it is important to define what is reading and what is critical. So reading ¨is a process that involves three aspects such as visualization, phonation and hearing¨ while criticism ¨is a judgment that is made about something¨.

Aspects that allow us to build our own point of view in any area of our lives.

Thank you for sharing such interesting content. Greetings.

Thanks for reading me and for your comment. I hope to read you soon as well. Greetings from Merida - Venezuela.

Hello @yolmare Very interesting post, I agree with you in encouraging reading at school age, and critical reading is a great tool as it is a way to learn...thank you very much!

Certainly we must resort to critical reading to nourish ourselves with knowledge. Thank you for your comment. Greetings from Merida - Venezuela.

Quite an educative read. Really liked it. I doubt students will be doing critical reading because they are so much fun nowadays, so they won't want to spend much time to read to understand but to read to exams.

Unfortunately we have that type of student who is used to reading to pass an exam and not so much reading to learn.... Thank you for your comment.

It is very interesting the post especially in the current times and especially in our country in which education has dramatically lowered the quality and our youth cultivates little love for reading and much less for research.

I completely agree with your criteria. In times of pandemic and political crisis we need to encourage critical reading.