Process to become a multimillionaire

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It is common nowadays to hear anyone express their desire to be a multimillionaire and perhaps when we look at it we can see someone who does not present characteristics of a subject that works every day to achieve that goal, but really this person has taken the first step to lead to the status of a multimillionaire, Since the first thing is to desire to reach this position and it should be noted that the desire is not the same as fantasizing, when we desire we look for the way to achieve the goal or anything we want to get and fantasizing is to think that by saying things will come by itself to our hands, to such an extent that the disappointment becomes common in us.

It seems impossible for a person to become a multimillionaire, when they come from a humble family or simply have not had great income over the years, but what we really do not understand, is that money only comes to those who discover a series of economic activities, which open commercial doors, thus allowing them to develop an idea or action that generates a steady flow of money.

The principle that should never leave our minds is that money cannot be in a stationary state, on the contrary, it must maintain a constant movement within the different markets and stock exchanges, since in this way we ensure progressive and increasing profits.


When a person designs a business plan, should allocate part of their income to create an investment fund, which allows you to obtain passive income in the medium and long term, in this way will find mock the toughest challenges of being an entrepreneur, such as when commercial markets are stationary in an inflationary bubble, thus throwing a considerable loss of resources, having an alternative income, this acts as an economic shield for your company.

Another of the great secrets to achieve a multimillionaire life, is to create a pattern of trade, where your profits are scalable, anchoring it in external investments, it is not important that you invest your money in your own ideas, you just have to have a common sense investor and hunt for the best investment opportunities, to create this business foundation in your life, you will see how confidence will grow around you, thus achieving that many people with great ideas seek you to develop their ideas.

In summary, find an idea, your own or an external one, that offers a considerable profit, invest, wait for the time to collect your profits and move that money, repeat the action, in such a way that you create an investment cycle and then enjoy a life as a multimillionaire.


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Hi @yongleantonio, sounds very easy, actually. But it isn't. It takes a big discipline, being consistent, persevering, never giving up. And no doubt, these are characteristics that not everyone has.
I'm in that process, and it takes years to generate a real stability, of course, now with the internet there are many more possibilities, you just have to work hard to achieve it.

hello my friend @josevas217, you are absolutely right, but everyone who is in search of success, must change their way of thinking, how to persevere and have unwavering discipline. everything is an approach and process to reach the top... success for you my friend.

At this point, i am giving weight to variation in investments because i believe you have to invest to go ahead so with hard work and smart work proper investment strategy is required.