😎Silver - Rough Compilation on a Lo-Fi from Termite☠️

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Been working on this off and on when I have time and since I'll be on @one.tribe.radio this weekend, figured I'd make sure it was done. Hope you like it. It's one of those badass lo-fi beats from @termitemusic. He sent me a few to play with and this one just came first. I am also working on some lics for @mogu1 and @edprivat. I believe @tygertyger is on the list when we have time and @d-vine mentioned something too. I also got this neat bit from an older @darrenclaxton jazzy sesh I haven't forgotten about. Now that dance is culminating this weekend, I'll have a lot more time freed up to work on my passion. Enjoy, my humans.

Gotta love that shine
Gotta love that shine
Baby all mine
Love that shine

Finer than any dime, a silver dollar on the stack
Sexy as they come, never had to bring it back
Mama beg you to bring her home, yeeuh, she got it like that
Refined and polished, she the perfect pack pack
The most delicious snacks, she show you how to relax
Sassy classy, exactly what you expect
Nice n nasty, past your XXX wax
Seduce you then clue you in on all of the haps
So soft and smooth to the touch from every angle
Dangerous - when she love to hate you
Can't blame the lust be crushin' all the labels
She make ya famous keep it under the table
Hero of the fable the stable hand on the cradle
Got a devilish smile and the heart of an angel
A Borderlands Saint, leave you tongue tickled and tangled
The name of the game ain't been the same since it made you
(you shinin')

Gotta love that shine
Gotta love that shine
Baby all mine
Love that shine

Make it painful for a minute cuz I fuk'n represent it
If I catch your hands up in it I make a necklace out your digits
Nervous while you fidget you know your ass'll get a whippin'
Pissed all in your coffee I'm Gaddafi when I'm killin'
I vandalize the entire system and jizm in your biscuits
Force feed it to you for breakfast and then resurrect Lilith
Let her buss your whole head through the floor and the ceiling
Cuz only badass bitches deserve to be pimpin
That's why we winnin' my niggaz ninjas never say die
Ya I said it, I been it, you best respect I'm that guy
I got stripes of every color mother fuckerz I'm the fire
(I'm shinin')


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