Check Carapaus Orkestra on cXc World!

in Musicforlife 🎶2 months ago

Have you ever heard about Seems like i will have to cover the topic one of these days!

In the meanwhile feel free to check the link below and browse around the area of Lisbon for much music that i am part of! Consider giving them a UP!

I am the trumpet player, btw!

Have a good day music lovers!


CXC World is an awesome way to find musicians around the world! Good video also in the post😀

Thanks bro! i know you have some NFTs staked at waxdao! now dont dunp that PURPLE is my advice!

And some !PIZZA for you my friend!

Not sure if i have enough !BEER for a cheers with you, but i try too! Welcome to the HIVE!


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
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