Milestone reached: 300 VIBES staked

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I finally made it, crossing 300 VIBES staked and curating on #musicforlife!


I don't post much, so this might not seem much for you if you're actively posting here. Most of this is coming from comments to other users posts, contests, #risingstar giveaways etc.

I've moved my stake to @musix, my alt specifically created to curate on #musicforlife:


300 VIBES staked currently makes a vote value of around ~0.25 VIBES per 100% vote. With the 50:50 reward distribution for authors and curators, and up to 10 votes per day, this makes approximately

  • 1.2 VIBES from me going out to authors
  • 1.2 VIBES curation rewards for me

A daily 1.2 VIBES return for staking 300 VIBES is a pretty decent return, even though it's just pennies in total (at least for now, to the moon soon).

There are currently around 500 accounts who have VIBES staked, the 300 VIBES stake puts me into the top 100 stakers.

VIBES is one of the few tokens where author and curator rewards are paid out as liquid VIBES, not auto-staked like for most others. I guess that most users just hodl or sell the liquid tokens instead of actively staking? This probably explains the high rank already for a comparably low stake.

What do you do with VIBES earned via #musicforlife?

Join me on RisingStar

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Hm, I was selling most of my Vibes, but your post made me think about staking them too...

yep, I think it's worth staking them - thanks for your comment!

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Yay! 🤗
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