Rising Star: First 12-Pack with 2 Epics!!

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Hello fellow Rock Stars :)

I was undecided for a while if I should do it, but I've finally collected 100k STARBITS to reinvest them into my very first 12-pack cards!
I'm super excited by the results!! Apart from a couple of nice characters and instruments, I have received two epics with the packs:

Ashby and Kayleigh basically took over the band with their stats. The 750 fans and 950 skill in total gave me a welcoming boost.

In total, over all 12x3 cards, I could gain the following stats:

MetricPoints increase

Starting with around 2k fans and 3k skill before the 12-pack, the stats above gave me a considerable overall boost! :) I was struggling with ego before, now I have again a good margin until ego comes back.
Unfortunately, I didn't keep records on the mission rewards before the 12-pack, but I assume the increase in the number of fans also increases my STARBITS earned on missions now.


Does anybody know how the impact of fans to the maximum number of STARBITS per mission is calculated?

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That is amazing!!! What a great 12 pack!!! !LUV

Some great stats all round. I'm not to sure about the fans to starbits ratio and have kept my eye on this, it looks like an average of 40 fans gives you an increase of one starbit per mission. But this depends on which mission. And it's all seems a bit complicated to get an exact answer. This is just an average estimate based on random observation s and not exact calculations.

Oh thanks, that's a good hint! I'll try to keep an eye on the stats before the next card pack :)

I believe the max is set based on your fans and number of times the mission is done that day (check dairy to check current time). Ego can affect how much you get though if its positive.

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Thanks! I think you're right, it seems the minimum starbits remained the same, but the maximum increased with more fans

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