Rising Star: Ego strikes back

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Today I finally reached level 15 in the RisingStar game. This brought two major changes for me, new missions accessible and 'ego' coming into play.

Saturday Support

Level 15 opened the 'Saturday Support' mission for me:

Image: https://www.risingstargame.com

This mission basically doubles the amount of STARBITS that I can earn per mission, but also takes double the time of a 'Midweek Headline Support' gig. The XP gain is marginal, but the relative energy consumption is reduced considerably making this an attractive gig for me.


Starting with Level 15 or 1000 fans, the ego comes into play:

When you have more fans than skill your ego increases. Each mission also increases your ego. Increased ego reduces the maximum number of Starbits you can earn on missions.

Source: In-game help text

A reduction in the STARBITS earned is obviously nothing I'm very keen on. My previous cards gave me more fans than skill, so that wasn't the best start either. I have two options now

  • Music Lessons
  • Cards for skill, or at least with more skill than fans

I gave music lessons a first shot, but the lessons accessible to me give 5-12 skill. With more than 100 skill due, this would not have worked quickly to balance that out. So plan B: buy skill (lol, if it were that easy in RL...)

Ed did the trick for me here, bought with some STARBITS I earned in game:

Image: https://www.risingstargame.com

So with that investment, my total skill now exceeds the number of fans and I can again concentrate on gigs.


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Good luck with this. I tried this game for a couple of days, months ago, but it didn’t seem able to keep me interested and I moved on. I guess I‘m spoiled these days with ( prettymuch idle ) games that actually make daily money ( like DCity ). Nevertheless, this was an interesting read.

Thanks for your comment! I kind of like it because it doesn't take much time, so I can check it briefly every now and then and move on to other stuff. If I miss a day, no big impact...
I didn't try DCity yet, that's still on my todo list :)