RisingStar: 1000 Missions!!!

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It feels like I only started playing the RisingStar game a few days ago, so this message in the diary came unexpected:

1000 Missions! Incredible, I wouldn't have expecting ever getting there, but the game really got me, and I find myself checking the game several time a day :)

A welcome surprise with 1000 missions is that the team sends out a random 3-card pack - how cool! And I think I was quite lucky:


+550 fans, that's a pretty decent boost for a single card pack! Unfortunately, my ego also got a good step up with that :D
I'll try to compensate that with a few more-than-usual music lessons, and maybe try to get another card with more skill than fans.

What's your strategy to balance ego? Music lessons or cards?

What is Rising Star?

Rising Star is a music career game on the Hive blockchain. You can play for free with a Hive account and earn crypto and tradeable NTFs. You can find the game at https://www.risingstargame.com. The official account for announcements etc. is @risingstargame.


Join me on RisingStar

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nice mate. enjoy this !




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