RisingStar: Drunks vs. Ego

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With my recently acquired daily dose of pizza I think I could achieve more missions than before! So that was certainly a good investment. However, with more missions, the ego counter keeps incrementing...

I am at a point now where I'm "OK" with the number of fans from my cards plus the accumulated ego in comparison with with my skill.

Image: Screenshot https://www.risingstargame.com/

However, due to some unforeseen luck I got around 350 new 'drunk' fans today, which quickly broke the skill/ego balance:

Image: Screenshot https://www.risingstargame.com/

So that doesn't really work in the long run, I have to take better care of the ego. With the instrument cards I have right now, I can make 15-31 skill per lesson, so I have to do at least one lesson per day to keep up with the new ego received from missions, but certainly a couple or lessons more to compensate for unexpected drunk fans.

At the moment, I try to get this done most efficiently by reinvesting the earned STARBITS both into suitable instruments to increase the amount of skill earned from missions and possibly into characters with more skill than fans. Short term, combined with more lessons than missions to reduce the ego debt.

What do you do to balance ego? If you have any suggestions on how to tackle this best, let me know in the comments please!

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I used to be obsessed with getting y ego to 0. With music essons and sills card. But recently I was told that it actually increases missiion rewards. And I noticed it actually did. Mostly fr the shorter smaller missions, apparently the sweet spot is about 20%

Oh, that's interesting! Did you find anything written on that? From the FAQ I assumed that keeping ego at 0 would give the highest rewards (statistically at least...).
Thanks for letting me know!

@gribbles wrote a post and @thatcryptodave and I have been having detailed discussion s around it. He is going to write a post about it soon!

She's not lying... Ego can be a rewards booster, and I do plan on writing a post about it. At the very least, it's not worth worrying about. Feel free to ask any more questions, and someone like myself or @gribbles or @mimismartypants will do their best to help you out. It's a wonderful community! ;)

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Your EGO is totally fine and could go up even more... when you get over 40-45%, you can start thinking about a skill injection. But don't focus your gameplay on getting this in line. You'll just be curbing your own rewards. (I've done some testing, prompted by a question from @mimismartypants... and I will write a post about it very soon.) Hope that helps! Rock on, MP! I'm glad you're enjoying #RisingStar as much as I have. ;)