RisingStar: Mission, Pizza, Lesson, Repeat

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It's been a busy week for the band, playing a good number of gigs!
The player stats say I spent 3030 minutes with the game in the last 7 days - that's 50 hours, more than 2 days in total! Quite a lot, given that it feels like I only check it every now an then...

Nevertheless, I've been able to achieve a couple of short term goals:

  • Level 30 opening the 'Shopping Mall' mission, which comes with a relatively good ratio of reward per time. Actually even reached 31 recently
  • Bought another character, giving +100 permanent fans plus a few more skill points
  • Plus finally, just now, completing the next 10k STARBITS and immediately reinvesting them into a 3- card pack.

Here's the result:
The Cheap Decks I already had, but the other two were new to me and especially the Swarmandal gives a nice luck boost :)

What I really like in the current situation is that I don't have to care too much about energy any more. With one pizza card for a refill every 24h plus a pizza box for random pizza finds, this removes a bit of pressure. A few more pizzas would be better, though...

What is Rising Star?

Rising Star is a music career game on the Hive blockchain. You can play for free with a Hive account and earn crypto and tradeable NTFs. You can find the game at https://www.risingstargame.com. The official account for announcements etc. is @risingstargame.


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