STAND TOGETHER - 'The Line' Reggae Version as Voted for by Hivers - Free Song Download!

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This song is my gift to the world - should it decide to take it

As promised, here is a multi-track of the reggae version of this song, now called 'Stand Together' (previously 'The Line').

All instruments, voices, mixing and mastering by myself.

The voting post which has all the previous undecided versions (8 of them) on it can be found here.

I stand for:
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Bodily Autonomy
No Masks, No Lockdowns
No Forced/Coerced Experimental Injections
No forced testing, no economic reset
No false democracy and lying media
No Covid-pass or sign-ins
Stand and Stand together!
Stand for your Freedom!

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1st Verse [Chords - Am, F, C]:
There is a hard line
that sits within you
The rights gone today
you stood up for yesterday

You're now a radical
for blatantly being free
Left wing, right wing
The same indecency

Bridge [Chords - F, C, Am]:
Every time you shuffle your feet
To sacrifice a portion
You surely trade your soul
For lies and self deceit

The line is moving closer
radical you and radical me
Compromise in fear
or stand and up the gear

Chorus [Chords - Same as verse]:
Stand and stand together
Stand your ground indeed
Walk the line within you
Walk this line and see

Stand and stand together
Stand against the fear
Protect these worlds within you
Protect what you hold dear

[Break bit with skat: F, C, F, C, Am]

2nd Verse:
There is a deep vein
That courses in you
A flooding torrent
of iron magma

It starts at the core
of our precious mother
it ends in a mantra
to help brother and sister


[Chorus] x 2


Copy, share and plagiarise this song!

Cover image taken by an unknown friend in Skopje, North Macedonia in my travels as a nomadic street performer

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Really cool! I remember receiving the mention the first time....

Thanks for calling me over here, I'm glad I got to check that out.

No worries, [email protected] you're open to the mention. Promise I'll not misuse my super power 💪😉😅

Very nice, mate!


Thank you and thanks for the beer! 🍻

Great song Monti and I dig these simplistic yet very engaging videos. I like the way the performer takes a back seat in the video while the message and words are right up front. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Gary! Good to see you on this thing! Hive is moving up in the world, it's a good time to take notice! Sending love, Monty

Nice One 😉 🎼
Walk the line within you
Strong Songwriting!

Thanks for listening and sharing! 😁

You're welcome 😉

So cool , we can be proud of our generation just with talents like you

What a compliment! Cheers 🤠

Super great song and lyrics. Thank you very much for the great gift, montycashmusic :))
I just quickly noticed that you wrote frekese, but his name is fredkese :)

Thanks so much, ah, no worries I'll make that change right away. 👍

Great sound, brilliant track .. an anthem of our times! :)

Thanks for popping by Mr Flaws! 😂

Really awesome song here man! I loved it. The acoustic makes it a lot cooler and top it off with a little whistling, my kind of music lol.

Quality lyrics as well!

Thank you, glad you had a chance to come around, I always appreciate your support. All the best, Monty

Wow, I was catched by this and its style at the very first moment! It deliver's a wonderful atmosphäre that makes me thinking about "WHEN FINALLY REVOLUTION?" 🕉

This is SO GOOD! Why don't you release songs like this on Spotify?
It's so harmonic and the lyrics are true as fck! 🙏

Keep it up please!
I would love to hear a studio version of this song (on Spotify and so on, the world should hear your words and your music!) ❤️



Thanks man, I appreciate your compliments. To be frank, I have a beef with the industry. Spotify is a deep black hole where people stop making choices for their music, while being dominated by a few industry heads. And even once on there you need to get onto lists of which, honestly, I've not the energy to fluff. I have help with another musical project to get things more commercial yet I've avoided it for so long as participation in the industry destroys my motivation to play and make music. Thus why I'm such a well travelled street musician.

Regardless, I'll take your suggestions on board.

In the meantime, have a free download by an independent artist which you have to consciously click on. 😂😅

In the hope of travelling again, I'll also get out on the streets and scream at more people.


I can understand and even appreciate your position against the music industry!
We need our own "music industry" - but "industry" sounds so wrong - what about an own "music network"? 😇

Nice to hear that you really do music because your heart wants to and not to get fame or money or something - there aren't many of your sort left nowadays! 🕉

Thanks for this free download right from your heart! :)

I think the people on the street will like it! Come to Germany one day :P



Very nice work Bruv!

Thanks a lot man!

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