BlockTunes Hive Power Delegation Contracts Have Launched!

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We are excited to kick off a new era for the BlockTunes project! To help us be a bigger force in the Hive Music community, we have opened up delegation rewards for both the @blocktunes and @blocktunesdao accounts!

Delegate HP And Earn MUSIC Tokens

If you delegate Hive Power to either of these accounts or both, you will receive 0.05 MUSIC tokens per 1 Hive Power delegated! Staking MUSIC tokens will earn you a percentage of our profits in the BlockTunesDAO starting in January 2023.

If you delegate to the @blocktunes account, your MUSIC tokens are issued directly to your wallet. Delegating to the @blocktunesdao account, the tokens are transferred from the DAO wallet. You have a choice to stake the tokens, or save them to use them on future Music NFTs on the marketplace!

Help Us Grow The Community

Your Hive Power delegation to these accounts will help reward awesome music content on our Hive based music front end, as well as build up rewards to be able to pay out to MUSIC token stakeholders!

Together we can build the biggest Web 3 music platform in the entire space!

If you are a musician, get started here on our Hive community, or really ramp up your game and become a BlockTunes PRO on our main site and get all kinds of options and resources!


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Is there any major differences between delegating to the DAO vs Blocktunes(Proper).

Well, the DAO account will be the payout account so beefing it up isn't a bad thing. But they both pay the same rewards.

You might want to check cartel. It's a meta curation guild for tribe tokens.

We are going to bet 100 HP on this project that seems interesting to me. Good luck with the project!

Thank you for the support! We always return follow and will be setting up auto follow soon for as long as you keep your delegation! This will allow us to vote on your posts to help grow your account as well in return!

500+ delegated to @blocktunes

enjoy and might buy some music tokens meself as well :)

Thank you for the support! We are returning follows and will set up an auto follow trail for as long as you continue to delegate!

Great project, I think I need to get delegating

Awesome update 👌

I have few questions:

  • Is there Hive reward for the delegation?
  • Will the music token reward be a one time reward, or daily/weekly reward?

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The MUSIC tokens will be paid out daily. Staking MUSIC will earn daily SWAP.HBD starting Jan 1.

Instead of paying out Hive rewards, we will auto follow accounts that delegate to us.

That's awesome.

Earn Swap.hbd?
This sounds so unique, I haven't heard of a project giving out swap.hbd as reward.


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