First Indoor Trainer Activity w/ Zwift

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 20.113km cycling that lasted about 0hh:51mm:27ss !


Our company bought group tickets for Amstel Gold Race, and I've found a spot to join 150 kms track, and the worst part is that track has a lot of elevation.

My longest ride so far is 80kms, and I'm not really competitive in cycling. However, joining that race motivated to step up my cycling game - considering the event's date is April 2022. I have a lot of time to train and prepare before that.

Dutch winter is already pushing my limits so outdoor cycling training is really a challenge. That's why I decided to buy a indoor trainer to train efficiently and properly.

First try was amazing. No preparation time, no helmets, no cold, no red lights or traffic. I've just tried a 20 kilometres cycle with Zwift app which is also connected to Apple TV. It was a great experience, overall.

Now I just need to find a good training program. 💪


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Zwift App seems to have a really cool product design. You don't need to buy a new bike, just the holder with tracking. Seems like a really great idea. I learn something new every day.

You need a smart indoor trainer, though. And it's not cheap :)