Evening Ride:Gerry's Charcoal Chicken.

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kiwibloke just finished a 56.36km ride, that lasted for 239 minutes.
This ride helped kiwibloke burn 3142.5 calories.

Description from Strava: Favorite Takeaway ever in Upper Hutt. 1st time riding here, as a destination, not dinner.


Riding at night can be challenging, narrowly missing 2 riders without lights or helmets. Also, the temperature dropped fast, and I was well prepared.



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About the Athlete: Love the outdoors, just need to get out there and share my experience on HIVE!


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Nice little ride there, I hope it wasn't too hilly. We have a forested bike trail near the river, and I've often seen riders having close calls with others who made themselves hard to see at night.

Keep going, you're smashing your training at the moment and getting stronger every day.
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Nice ride. Congrats on completing the 200k challenge.

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