Morning Ride: Adding Weight.

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kiwibloke just finished a 15.67km ride, that lasted for 136 minutes.
This ride helped kiwibloke burn 1359.3 calories.

Description from Strava: The idea is to use this bike for camping. Multiple nights, hiking and camping have always been an activity I've enjoyed. Over the next few weeks, I'm gradually adding camping gear to see how the bike handles, especially how hard cycling becomes.


Marvelous, puncture rear tyre close to home, from a small piece of glass.


If you would like to check out this activity on strava you can see it here:

About the Athlete: Love the outdoors, just need to get out there and share my experience on HIVE!


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Keep going, you're smashing your training at the moment and getting stronger every day.
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  1. @pinkhub - 9969.599999999999 Calories Burned
  2. @kiwibloke - 9356.9 Calories Burned
  3. @matisport - 8804.0 Calories Burned
  4. @alzee - 4018.0 Calories Burned
  5. - 3984.0 Calories Burned

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Smart idea to test your bike by adding weight!

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