Afternoon Ride: Te Whiti Park.

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kiwibloke just finished a 20.87km ride, that lasted for 121 minutes.
This ride helped kiwibloke burn 1483.0 calories.

Description from Strava: As usual, my destination is decided once I ride over the summit.


MTB isn't my thing, still I rode about 30m up the riser. One day I will complete that track.



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About the Athlete: Love the outdoors, just need to get out there and share my experience on HIVE!


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  1. @kiwibloke - 1483.0 Calories Burned
  2. @pinkhub - 641.9 Calories Burned
  3. @tranmtb - 398.0 Calories Burned
  4. @svanbo - 250.0 Calories Burned
  5. - 95.2 Calories Burned

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