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run.vince.run just finished a 4.68km run, that lasted for 30 minutes.
This run helped run.vince.run burn 429.0 calories.

Description from Strava: It's race two of the swim/run series. Again this week we did a 1km swim with a 3km run afterwards. Weather was not too bad with a cool breeze, but the water temperature was pretty good. I am always a little slow in transition getting my wetsuit off after the swim. I swam well again and was really happy with it but a little further down the leaderboard after the swim. My run was strong and was able to pick up some places through the run. Some very fast competition up the front of the race.
About a minute quicker than last time and it is over quick but hopefully I have a little bit more to make up in the coming weeks.

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About the Athlete: I am an Aussie living in Auckland, New Zealand and I love swimming biking and running with my fiancé. I tell people "I wanna change the world, one run at a time".


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