Morning Run - Oh, icy!

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I just finished a 6.709km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:57ss !


I see, get it? Never mind.

It was cold out again today. I was being wary as there were patches of ice around, but in other places the paths were completely clear. It may depend on where the sun got to yesterday. There were times when I ran on the road as that was safer.

Just up the road from home I saw this amazing sunrise sky. The colours were better than they came out in the photo. I think it changed fairly quickly as I did not notice it later on during the run.

I went up the hill to Fairfield again. At the top the path was slippery and I could feel my feet moving around on it. I did not slip over though. There were quite a few people out, including some runners.

I seemed to get quicker as I went along, but then there was more downhill in the second half. Stopping to take a photo cost me some time at the start and going cautiously where it was icy slowed me down too.

It was a good run overall even if the average pace was not great.

When I got back I took the chickens' water inside to thaw it out. The poor girls seem okay in the snow, but they need to be able to drink. By this afternoon a lot more of the snow had melted and there are just a few patches in the garden now. I hope other runs this week will be less treacherous.

Run free and stay well.



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@bingbabe has not been doing early runs recently due to the ice. She slipped a week ago or so and is now wary. It gets bad up north.

Difficult to run when there is ice on the ground. Hope you both are well there.

Being stuck inside is not nice, I want to go somewhere warm.. like where you are!

Here is warmer but man, we are confined at home so...

Hope she's okay. I was a little nervous. You can go down so quickly. We get it mild, but can still be dangerous. My sister had tons of snow in Edinburgh.

It's pissing her off. Running is the only thing that's keeping her sane during these times of.. 'you can't go out'

I get that a lot too with the colors of the sunrise or the sunset not coming across as well. I know it has to be a limitation of the phone camera or something. I have a whole gallery of photos from my back yard that aren't nearly as vibrant as the sky actually was. We are getting hammered with about four inches of snow right now. I will probably be getting some more exercise clearing the driveway when I get home.

I saw news that it was bad over your way. All cameras have limitation and often can't capture the wonder you see when you're there. Just have to get out more :)

Stay well and stay warm.

Thanks, you too!

A good progressive run, well done!

It is difficult to run in cold weather. Do you feel bad when you run?

I don't mind the cold too much. You just have to dress for it, but ice is a hazard. I feel okay, but then I've done a lot of running. If it was too bad I won't do it.

The image with the sky and snow looks amazing, and nice run in the cold weather mate.

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