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Hello beautiful people of hive, how are you all doing, hope we have a wonderful time. This my entry for this week hiveghana weekly engagement.

There are so many good times and bad times about the age have been through but I'll be showing us my favorite period of life. My favorite age was my 28years old, when I met my wife. This age was my favorite period of life. Being in my late twenties, I was beginning to notice things about myself that I never paid attention to.

Before this age, I leave my family place to live with people that don't want to work. Associating with this kind people have affected the way my brain function, It has alter the communication between the brain region involved in planning and goal-setting. This set of people have made me to see life in a perspective that people can survive without doing anything, other than playing game or catching fun from morning till night. I was afraid of stepping up and fulfill my dreams in life.

However, I met my wife when I had nothing doing, no paying jobs and all I could do is sleeping, waking, gist and so on. During this period I keep enjoying the company of no doing work set of people that surround me. And I never taught for once that I'll leave them one day.

My life changes the moment I came across her, she changes my mind set and helps me to understand my purpose in life. From that very moment which I met my wife, I leaved the company of people. Few months later, I started working and things begin to work out well for me.

In this my favorite age, I now live a life of purpose, there's a lot of goal that I have accomplished within the few years with my wife and even till now I'm still achieving a lot of Goal. Recently I see my wedding as an achieved success because my goal is to be happy with someone I love, To get married to that loved one have probably add a lot to my success and also now I live a life of purpose and goal.

My advice to everyone reading my post is Don't associate yourself with people that can't help your dreams come true and living a life of purpose is important.

Thanks for reading my post.


Love is written all over this. That the period you met your wife holds so much value to you is sweet to know. Congratulations

Thanks bro.

Yay! 🤗
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