What is the Best Age for me?

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Hello Hive Ghana Community! Welcome to my blog. Aging is the ultimate result of life. You born, grow as a kid, spring as a young, reach your adulthood and become old at the last stage of life. Every phase of life has different pleasure and different learning for us. There is no one who can intact to one phase of life. We all have some likeness and desires for a life when we were happy. Everyday, we are getting old and there is nothing that can stop aging.


Aging Cycle

When we born as a kid, there are no worries about livelihood, no depressions about finance and no tensions about family matters. We smile and weep that is all we can do. Everyone love to us and keep us in Pleasant environment.

After few years, things changed for us. We join school and colleges. Here our learning phase start. We learn about different aspects of life. We groom and polish ourselves in the teachings of parents and teachers. It is our young stage and still we have no issue at all because our parents support us and we only know how to read and write. There is less and no Practical exposure and we all entered into adulthood.


Real Practical Life started in our mature stage. We experienced multi things at the same time. We have now understanding for nature, pain for our families, respect and obedience for our parents and reflections for our environment. We start working because we have responsibility of their feeding on our shoulders.


What is the best age figure for me?

Many of us want to spend their life as a child because they didn't have responsibilities at this stage of life. We share love and smile with our family members. There are no haters for us.

Many of us want to keep most of their life duration in school and colleges. In most of the cases, we have parents as our supporting source. School and college life is luxury.

I don't consider childhood or school and college life as my life best figure. I 'm about 25 years old. I consider 25-30 years age as the best life figure. In this age, we have 24 years life experience. Moreover, we all have left school and college life. Real trails of life started practically. In most of the cases, we have achieved our carrier or we are near to our targets. We become income source for our family. We have responsibilities on our shoulders.



Although, our age is just a number but we all have some moments that are more significant. Our life is irreversible. Being Child, we were happy. Being a student, we were delighted. Being a mature man, I 'm more conscious. Now, I have understanding about emotions. I have responsibilities on my shoulders. 25-30 Years are best digit to entertain and enjoy life.

This is my entry for Hive Ghana Weekly Topics, I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks!


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25 and 30 is a good age. For me I prefer 45-50 because that is where I am now. Responsibilities has reduced and life is made easy at this age.
Thanks for sharing

It is your selection, I want age which is mature I can take responsibilities and have energy to fulfill them. Thank you

Changes occur with each age a person gets to.
25 - 30 is youthfulness. So much energy to love and explore. Other ages share same similarities too. I just consider every new age I assume as the best.

There is age factor for everything even for your happiness and sorrows. So you have different experience than me. I consider 25-30 as a best age. Thank you

I like your approach to this. It is unique as childhood is usually the age most people crave because of the hardships, pains and other negativity in the world.

Thank you for your good words on my post. I can't accept childhood as the best age because I have a depression free life.

You are welcome 😊. That's right.