Want to get monetized on Facebook? Here are some things you must do...

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If you're intending to get monetized on Facebook, here are two things you must know.

1. Do not build your audience using follow-for-follow:

The reason is simple: if you eventually reach the 5,000 to 10,000 benchmark with followers who are not genuinely interested in what you do, by the time you begin to post and only 5 people are engaging with your content because the others are not interested in that type of content, you'll struggle to make money from Facebook Monetization. Also, if the people who are connected to you don't engage with your content, it's a bad signal to the algorithm that the content is of LITTLE to no valuable.

Think of it this way: if you have 10 friends and only 1 talks good about you, how do you think people will look at you? This is social media; its algorithm is designed with the principles of social interactions. If the people who are closest to you don't say good things (engage) about you, most likely, people will think you're not a good person and the algorithm detest promoting such content.


On social media, the algorithm is engineered to assess your value by the interaction of those surrounding you. So, if they don't engage, it's a bad user experience. Trust me, engagement isn't a vain metric. It's the air the algorithm breathes. Plus, because they don't engage, the algorithm will struggle to recommend the content to other people outside your followers.

Think of it: the moment the people following you begin to engage with your content, the algorithm begins to recommend the content to more people. I've discussed how you can crack the algorithm. Look up that post. The amount people make from Facebook will reduce. That's my prediction.

I'm predicting that if creators usually make $600 for 500,000 views, that amount will drop to $400 per 500,000 or less.


Of course, new set of millionaires will be made, but don't overestimate your capacity. If you really want to take being a creator on Facebook seriously, do not raise your hopes too high. Do not base your assumptions on previous metrics by creators. Perhaps your friend has told you that he/she makes $2,000 monthly; don't expect to make that much. Lower your expectations while you plan to play the long-term game.

If you post every day on Facebook as a business owner, you have no excuse not to make at least N100,000 monthly, even if you sell crayfish. There's no excuse why you shouldn't. The opportunities are just endless. The problem, however, might be that you're not making up to that amount because you're posting randomly.

Listen, posting about your business isn't just what make people want to patronize you. There has to be a sequential arrangement of posts in time.


For instance, when you post XYZ, do you know exactly the kind of post that should follow? Do you understand the impact of the next post on your audience? Another question is wanting to know what it takes getting excited about your brand, like what do people really think? Do you understand the psychology of buyers?

Do not fall to apply the following concepts

Alternatively, you may not be making up to N100,000 monthly even after posting every day because you're struggling to apply the following concepts:

  1. Social Selling: What I call Socia-Vertising; the law of social media advertising.
  2. The Law of Social Media Arrangement.
  3. The Law of Positioning.

I hope this helps...

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