Hive Borehole: Working on Structural Development, Phase 2

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Work on the 14th borehole is still in progress, with phase 1 now completed. The first phase, involving drilling, pump installation, and water testing, is crucial and demands expertise from professional drillers to ensure successful outcomes. Achieving good results, such as obtaining a large quantity of clean water for safe drinking and domestic use, is always a priority during this phase.

Positive results have been achieved following the drilling and various tests conducted by the drillers. We are pleased to witness the borehole pumping clean water, providing some community members with access to the water while work was ongoing. Phase two has commenced this week, focusing on structural development to give the project a new shape.

This phase includes excavation work for laying the foundation of the water tank tower and the wall housing the taps. There will be series of Contructional work with the metal rebars and the frameworks during work of the tower. Meticulous work is required to reach the desired height and complete the tank seat for durability. The wall for taps will has been constructed and will be finished with tiling work.

Throughout these phases, expert carpenters, steel benders, masons, plumbers, tilers, and electricians collaborate to ensure successful completion. We are pleased with the progress made and aim to conclude all work within a two-week timeline, if all things remain favorable. Looking ahead, plans are underway for the last phase, involving the launch and publicity of the event, along with exposure for Hive.

This effort includes the use of various media channels, community participation, and leadership involvement. With the progress achieved and the anticipation of continued success, we look forward to reaching another milestone with Hive soon.We express gratitude for the support received toward the borehole construction and the making of social impact efforts.

Empowering people with the power of Hive is a significant endeavor, and we are pleased to see it happening in Ghana, ending this year with 14 water boreholes is indeed an impactful journey. Thanks to everyone for their support, and a special shoutout to @elevator09 for his love and support toward the Hive Empowers Communities project.We will share updates when there is any development. Thanks for taking time to follow and to read.

Construction of borehole

Wadie-Adwumakese,Ashanti Region(Ghana, West Africa)


Project Managers:@mcsamm and @collinz


The progress on the 14th borehole sounds impressive! Great to hear about the completion of phase one and the positive results achieved so far. Best wishes for the ongoing construction in phase two. Your dedication to empowering communities through this project is truly commendable

we appreciate your kind words and best wishes. Thank you @etorobong

Your welcome, it's was my pleasure stopping by

Yay! I am so glad and grateful y'all are doing these projects! It's awesome that people were already able to access some water during parts of construction, too. Those of us with reliable water take it for granted. It's wonderful more people are getting this basic need met!

What you've said is so true @phoenixwren. Those with reliable water sources take them for granted. I wish many more people travel to these places to see the struggle people go through to access water, if they do, they will value water. I'm glad through Hive we've been able to help this way, though we can't reach out to everyone but I think what we have done our part, so far it has been impactful.

You are not only helping people get water, but educating everyone around the world too!

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This is great Sir, you are taking hive to another level by helping people with good boreholes, this is awesome, long live ghana

Thank you @eunice9200, I would say we should all be proud because we all as community has achieved this.

@collinz, thank you for supporting the HiveBuzz project by voting for our witness.

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